Monday, January 19, 2009

Spare the Rod ....

He should learn to live ... surrounded by hatred and negligence .. uncared and Alone in the blende of this monotonous world .....

but sometimes it feels good to spare the rod ... even if not exactly spare the rod .. may be spoil the child.

ah !! now you must be wondering what I'm talking about !! :)  a couple of years ago ... something very insignificant happened about which i had written down on my little journal. was flipping through it and felt i should enunciate!!! 

It was a cool winter afternoon, the weather was fine and you could not wish there were a better day than that in the middle of the desert.I was coming back to my hostel from the insti with a friend of mine, wheeling my cycle. Something seemed to be interested in following us... it was a cute little puppy with a black patch around it's snout. It bore an expression of untold Sorrow ... something that struck too close to home it was as if he did not know what to do next, where to go .. what to do .... i would have picked him up and given him a hug but  i didnt want to .. for No Reason. 

We gazed at him for sometime and started walking again. he followed. We stopped .. he stopped too. We didnt know what he expected. We started riding, he started running behind us. i wanted to give him something to eat ... something stopped me.... something in my head kept saying why spoil the child ... he should learn to live alone in the blend of this monotonous world. 

I rode faster and kept thinking about the little one ... somehow the reason i told myself to escape from doing something to the dog was not something even i would buy. so I decided to get  my cycle and went back there .. i didn not have to look for him ....  he was standing right there near my cycle.... then i got some biscuits for him and he ate it like a little kid. then i took him out and left him near the temple wishing someone will take care of him... then wheeled back to the hostel.... as i did somethng caught my attention. the puppy came behind me and went ahead to the dumpster ... and started sniffing something .. it was a dead dog !!! Probably his mother ! 

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