Thursday, January 29, 2009

My findings so far .....

Im 23 years old and have been wondering what i have wanted to do the most in my life .... and came up with these.

1. I want to become a musician and i want to be good at it. ( I'm working on this)
2. I want to go river rafting, bungee jumping and para sailing.
3. I want to face a near death situation. i believe that it will help me appreciate life.
4. I want to learn to ride a horse.
5. I want to domesticate a baby elephant and name him Horton
6. I want to have a monkey as a pet and i want him to help me with household chores
7. I want to quit my job and become a hitch hiker.
8. sometimes i fervently wish i were a guy but i also don't want to give up being a girl :)
9. I think a lot of people envy me and i like it.
10. Little things do matter.
11. I have few friends and i love them and believe they are very important to me.
12. I really don't know what kind of person i am.
13. I want to go around Europe and pitch a tent in the country side and live there for a couple of days
14. I want to live in New York city with my family for at least 1 year.
15. I wish i could sing flawlessly
16. I wish i made a difference in some one's life
17. I wish i meet someone who makes me think I'm nothing when compared to him.
18. I wish someone gave me a gift that i loved without me telling that i actually love it.
19. I wish i still had the love birds, the parrot (manju) the three squirrels ,the two pigeons and three sparrows at home and the monkey (pandiamma) (Yes we had a monkey at home it is awesome fun)
20. I think I'm smarter than a lot of people around me and I m glad about it.
21. I want to play the guitar and the drums without someone teaching me how to play them.

to be continued ........


  1. Hey
    wats #15 for??? and ya u can edit out #21, u DID play the pads didnt u?? well as far as the guitar goes.. hmmmm , maybe nxt time we jam, u can try tat.. wat say??

  2. @EDX please da Dont call it playing.... I played for HOW DO YOU DO !!!!!

  3. Aspirations...Very nice.
    Hey hop u read "A Thousand Splendid Suns"- Khaled Hosseini. Its ur type. think ull lik it.

  4. @de prodigal knight Im not a book person, I read books only when i really want to read and I feel I'm missing something if I dont read it. Nevertheless Will try reading this one if I get a chance to lay my hands On it. Thanks


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