Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nostalgic Days ....

Sometimes I watch the days go by wishing they could last.... though I cannot help but just wonder why time must fly so fast... I feel like going back to being kid when I think about the bygone cloudy days when I used to sail paper boats in the muddy puddles during the monsoon.

Life was easy and so much fun, I ruled my world , and my world was rock solid....i feel a kind of troubled pleasure(Sorry William...yeah!! that's right! Wordsworth's), the feeling you get from eating stolen mangoes from your neighbours garden ... It is the best feeling you can ever get, trust me.

Then came the best part of my life ..BITS... The most wonderful days of my life were these and will always be. Alma mater is something that can never stop making you feel good... How I wish there were time machines... I would live every god damn day in that darned and dear place again ... yes!!! every day was wonderfully and brilliantly weird .... now here I am .. crushed by boredom caused by the monotony of this mundane lifestyle, writing blog to kill time, while making myself feel better reminiscing.....

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  1. hey liked this post , I made a similar post with the name "some times our lives look better in the retrospect."


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