Monday, January 26, 2009

Zara yaad karo kurbani !!

It was a fun weekend :). I went to IIT madras to take part in an event called "Outbound at dawn" which was part of Saarang. I had been there before for the same event last year and our team won.

here is what we do to win this event. do the following in the shortest time.

cross over a rope bridge, run some 2 kms inside a forest infested with thorns and pebbles , only to find a raft made with barrels and bamboos waiting on one side of the lake, hitch a hike on the raft and try rowing through the lake in harmony with your eight other team mates and reach the bank safe, crawl like a monkey on a rope tied across two trees, walk on bamboo stills which have been tied like an A frame...  sigh!!!!!!

I'm too exhausted from doing all these stuff that i cannot waste more energy writing about it. 

one thing i cannot comprehend is the fact that doing all this for a 4 hour fun sake has made me tired for almost two days on earth do the defense guys work it out in extreme conditions too. I think i need to show a little more concern while writing about them, honestly i wish i could but i do not have the energy or the creativity faucet at my disposal at the moment. I salute those guys.

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  1. Idhuku than solradhu nalla Sapdeeee.... ;-) ;-)


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