Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Tale of "MmEe"

ok... i wouldn wanna sound cliché.. but... i gotta put this down now....why do we write blogs? This is not a million Dollar Question (I swear I did not realize it was a Cliché here ;)). Ok one thing, u get time to Kill...well you can push your stupid ideologies to a lot of poor souls out there as well! and... donot know anything else worth doing !!

You know what ... I used to write Blogs on RediffBlogs before... there I wrote something that made "E" feel bad and "E" asked me to stop writing blogs... i had to listen, coz it was "E"...though my mistake was not worth this punishment. PUNISHMENT it really was one. I used to love it when my blogs get published and i have comments... it is real fun reading the comments.... and know that there is really someone out there who can appreciate your writing skills..... who would bother to write if there is no one to Acknowledge your Rambling ??


The word Rambling used in this blog is to refer only to the author's own writing and is not meant to offend the bloggers who decide to comment on this blog ;). In the case of other Bloggers the word can be replaced by the Antonymn of the word;)...(Please Excuse me for not taking the pains to give you the exact word)

Sigh! That was enough rambling :) wasn't it? ;) ok now I really didn't know what i was going to write in here when i started this Blog. See this is really the problem with Bloggers like Me. Well... I first thought I would write about my Weird Thoughts and it ended up sounding like 'warped up perceptions about life' crap, to some and "not a run of a mill thingy" for some others... i decided to take into consideration only the latter and continued writing (who would want to admit defeat) ...I wrote about how I got caught by my warden for acting drunk on the road.... The warden apparently mistook me to a real drunkard (Thanks to the La hip belles' of BITS Pilani )... drops of heaven ( that's how they are known aren't' they ?) .... and an Esteemed soul asked me to try out Vodka..." E " doesn't allow me to do so again (;)) I surely Shall when my E is Fine with It. :) ...and then the disaster happened and my "E" stopped me from writing ...

Well now now finally i decided Im not gonna listen to My E .... and miss out on all this fun .. so here I am Writing again much to the bemusement of those unlucky creatures out there reading my posts ..!!!
Yours Thankfully!!!
PS: The E is the "E" of the me inside Me

PPS::) I m so happy there are no means to convey your anger on me physically after you read this blog. three cheers to the Inventors of Electronics !!
PPPS: Seriously good luck reading My Blog!!!!


  1. who is that esteemed soul, may i ask??

  2. @anand

    Never mind...Oh ya.. You are one.. Esteeeeemed soul coz you took pains to read my ramblings..... btw i flicked that counter from you... and ya do you mind if i link my blog with yours :)?

  3. Esteemed soul says
    1)no sweat
    2)take everything that you want
    3)why would I mind?

  4. Well well! So you writing too. Nice post: different thoughts as always. And vodka? Nice! :)

  5. Hi,
    First time here.
    Honestly one should never think too much about the state or mindset of ppl who read your blogs. Its fantastic when people comment on blogs and appreciate your writing but also one has to be prepared to face criticism :)
    Nice post !
    Do write more
    Happy blogging

  6. shud be 'E'...i think or otherwise wud be a travesty...was never against it .....besides ,,,,wat the hell ...its been years....'E' had no rite stopping u....if !! thats wat 'E' did....

    think 'E' was really fucked up....still is maybe...but .dont think insane to "disallow" bloggin....


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