Saturday, April 08, 2006

24 Carat Dearth ?!?

I initially thought Oblivion was somethin to do with the teanage and the quarter life crisis where u live a life that doesn have much scope for expectation. You have completely no idea wat you are made think you are some one ... but you yourself donno who that someone is .....but now.... here is what i have to say about this crazy word which has meanings untold....

nothingness.....wat will you do...if you left at a place.... realllly hot in summers bloody cold in got no scope of occupation except may be cultivate a few of those dry arid area vegetation... which got to be sold in some far off place...this means you have to toil and make them grow some how and then haul ass along with those stuff to some better area which has some marketing scope....just thinkin about it leaves me sulky....

I stay in one such places.....Pilani .. i am a student at BITS...I didn not realize the real scenario the natives of this place where in ... till one day... i thought ill go this place called "VFAST" where yu get this really good breakfast a bit expensive....but then the plan went in the pooper n me was kinda dissappointed ... then i went out with my friend.... to do some work.... it was to get some food from the professors... and distribute it to the children in the village....she generally called me to help her coz someone who had to come did not turn up. we started off in the cycle it was really hot right in the morning at arnd 10:00 then went to all these professors house collected food.. packed the food and started off... to the pilani vilage.. i have been in bits for four years and this was the first time i went to do this thing and i gotta see the miserable plight of these people....there were around 80 food packets.....we landed near a banyan tree and called ppl... to collect food.. soon there was a fight... grown ups and children fightinng for food.. old ppl grabbing food from children and running away.... children bein beaten up with chappals.... everything was happening before my eyes.....i just thought about the irony of fate ...i was dissappointed coz i didn get to eat out....they were dissappointed because they did not get any food to can things be so different.i still am not able to forget those little outstreched hands begging for food. have never felt so helpless before.


  1. There are lots of ways in BITS in which you can help (only if u wish to).... there are certain organisations(?) like NSS... join it if u wish to serve the poor around pilani.. well i hope it is too late now... but still u can serve the poor around you from various organisations (for e.g., CRY) instead of feeling disappointed...

  2. hoey pappa...there is still a lot of do something here and everywhere...never lose heart or dejected..your time will come..feel sorry only if you could have and you didnt.


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