Friday, September 25, 2009

The Knight in Shining Armour?!?!

He has an adorable dark side. He likes to think he is short tempered, But he is honey dripping sweet sometimes that you don't realize it is him. He has a notorious naughty smile when he is Happy. He is lazy and is a huge couch potato.I'm not Kidding ... If you are at a food court or a restaurant and you have nothing to do except eat .. and no good chicks to look at, you will still find him staring at one corner of the room... the corner where the little LCD OOH media runs with crappy Ads. I'm not at all Exaggerating. He wouldn't know even if you left him there 1 hour back to do some more shopping. You can come back and find him still staring at kangana ranaut or Shriya walking the ramp for some lame jewelery Ad.

He likes to think he is very very Fit. He is so keen about what he eats, but he denies it is what girls do and acts totally cool and Macho, when spoken to about it.

If the coffee has half a spoon of sugar, He makes faces and goes Haywire, Sometimes he even gets Goosebumps coz he had coffee with sugar mostly coz of his mental block.

He has to meet with an accident every 6 months, otherwise he thinks he cannot appreciate life. He has to ride his motorcycle at the top gear and full speed and he would be Happier if he died doing so than not do it and live for 100 years.

He has a warped up justification for every annoying habit of his. He sometimes uses a lot of his brains to escape from the things he doesn't wanna do or is conned into doing mostly in vain though.

and Yeah...He doesnt just Love people coz they love what he Loves, he also Love people who hate what he hates :)

He is so brash, stupid, Annoying, Dumb, short-tempered, thinks-he-is-always-right, knows-what-I-think, and the beshhhhhteshhhhhht ... So sad..... he is already Taken ;)


  1. Adorable DARK side :) I'm not sure the knight was going for that image.. Me likeee

  2. "@SAMARA" --(Love your name ;)) I think he wasnt.. But I would like to think he does....


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