Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random Thoughts !!

Not sure if everyone wil be able to appreciate this but My BITSIAN friends sure will ..

happened to look at the picture of two dancing peacocks in one of the blocks of meera bhawan terrace. I was able to remember a lot of wonderful things that I had experienced in that darned and dear place. The peacocks used to dance during the twilight .. ususally the time when I get back to Hostel after having a nice little munch at the redi mostly a sam chat or a malai masala sandwich and a hot glass of masala chai ....

then visit the mess .. mostly like a ritual ..... not to eat but to be with friends and trip each other. then comes the time for gatecalls...It was an awesome time during the first year and the second year .. but we seldom used to get any ... but as days went by the gatecalls became a normal thing ... If no one from the other gender was looking for us we used to scoot off to c not to have a shikanji or a hot cup of coffee depending on what time of the year it is .. we used to sit on the little wall outside of bluemoon and yap our ways off to glory ... we even talked about forbidden stuff and have got caught by the warden just for talking about them ... we used to keep rambling about something or the other or some one or the other not noticing that it is already time for us to be in the hostel .. curfew at 11 you know .. and it would already be 10:55 .. run find your cycles .. I never used to rememebr where I leave it almost everytime ... grab it some how and rush to gate crash .. get yelled at by the choki... sign the late register and get back to your room..... then log on to gtalk and wait for someone u know to come online ... or mail chat on telnet!!!

this used to be a one of the typical days after classes .. (never mind if you dont go to classes) there were hundreds of such typical days .. each of them different ... each of them more meaning ful ...simpler and happier and those were the best days of My life and wll always be!!! wish I get to live like that again.. would give anything for it !!

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  1. Aww ! total nostalgia happening !:(


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