Saturday, February 28, 2009

Joie de vivre

It is a Brilliant feeling to chase Her. It is called living in the moment. It is the fear of her that is more endearing than life, after all she helps us appreciate the beauty of everyday. How brilliant it would be to court death!?. Be not afraid of her...or live every moment running away from her while missing all those sweet slumbers , failing to appreciate the beauty that lies within simple things in life that is when we will realize there could be nothing more sweeter than death, and when it's time to go, just be glad you have deceived her all your life. I'm sure it will be the best feeling ever. Falling in love with her when she comes to you and sweeps you off your feet, and put you to rest under the benign sky,listening to the soft wind breathing through the grass; in the quiet world, where there cannot be an unquiet slumber.

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